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Welcome to the Wide Wide World of Sports! With growing consumer base and huge market potential, the global sports merchandise market is expected to witness considerable growth in the next few years. There has been market research that estimates the market, which valued at US $27 billion in 2015, will reach US $48.17 billion by 2024. (1)

This means that sports merchandise is bigger than ever and has huge potential for promotional product sales! With sports being very popular, this will be a great opportunity for your clients to jump on board with these amazing customizable sports promotion products.

Here at IDProductsource we have all of your golfing promotional product needs handled! With golfing being an elegant sport, your clientele will have an amazing way to show off their logo to this high class demographic! Your clients can choose from 2 different choices; Offset Printed Ball Markers that are “on par” with their intricate designs, or our Soft Enamel Ball Markers that are PMS matchable and makes your clients high class product, a prized promo.

AS LOW AS $0.49 (P)

Golf madness continues with our amazing Money Clips! These money clips are wonderfully unique, with your choice of either Soft Enamel or Offset Printed ball markers! These gorgeous upscale products include the money clip, a digital proof, individual polybags, and a full color digital print. With nickel or gold plating options your sports loving clients will think they are a hole-in-one.


AS LOW AS $7.96 (R)

Are you burning up on the golf course? Standing outside all day with the sun beating down on you can get really warm, and you don’t have much room to carry things around with you. So whats better than these amazing Towel Rings with a customizable ball marker! These towel rings come with a digital proof, individual polybags, full color digital prints for the Offset Printed Ball Markers and PMS matching for your Soft Enamel Ball Markers! Don’t sweat it with these amazing Towel Rings, created for easy access and golf lovers everywhere.

AS LOW AS $7.62 (R)

Divot tools with removable ball markers are sure to be a hit for your clients! With an option of a 1″ Removable Soft Enamel or Offset Printed Ball Marker, the quality workmanship make these divot tools a must have for the golf course! High class sports products at giveaway prices are sure to impress all your golf loving clients.

AS LOW AS $2.78 (R)

Looking to spice up your golf look? Well here at IDProductsource we aim to please with our amazing Hat Clips with Ball Markers! You have the choice of either Offset Printed or Soft Enamel Ball Markers as well as gold or nickel plating options to customize your hat clip to the fullest! Offer this promo product with your clients logo for the ultimate quality, and high class accessory. Drive your business with these amazing products today!

AS LOW AS $1.63 (R)

When you think sports, you think sports medals, and here at IDProductsource we have medals that are 1st place approved! Give your valued clients an item to wear proudly. A significant award for races, marathons, donors, fundraising events and award ceremonies. Our medals come with a 30″ full color ribbon, comes in 4 sizes and is made of a die cast zinc alloy. There is even a option for a glitter color fill that will put that extra shine in your life!


AS LOW AS $1.83 (R)

Affordable and practical, the water bottle holder is a great addition to any marketing campaign. Hit the jogging trail with these fantastic, flat polyester customizable water bottle holders. These water bottle holders have free setup, and come with a carabiner clip, premium rubber ring and PMS color matching! Perfect for your morning run or that big mountain hike you’ve been planning!

AS LOW AS $1.21 (R)

Nothing says School Sports like these amazing Woven and Embroidered Patches! Your clients can show off their merchandise in a fashionable way on different sports uniforms, and jerseys. Whatever your purpose, your clients will take comfort in knowing they’ve scored a touchdown with these amazing patches!


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The world of sports is ever growing and is always a popular choice with everyone. IDProductsource is here for all of your clients sports promotional product needs and prices that will have them cheering!

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