Candles Spotlight

Candles Spotlight

Nothing creates ambiance like a gorgeous candle. Whether it’s to freshen up the bouquet in the room or to set the mood these candles are the perfect promotional item for your clients. With these amazing candles being able to burn for long periods of time, it’s the perfect way for your clients to have that long term exposure that they desire.


Candle sales in the U.S. are estimated at roughly $2.3 billion a year, not including candle accessories. The market for luxury candles is sparking overall growth of the home fragrances market. While candles come in all types of shapes and sizes, the amazing scents are the reason for new growth (1). Here at IDProductsource, we have some amazing new candles that come in 24 different scents to help your clients exposure.

Our Patio Jar Candles will light up your logo! This great promotional product is exceptional with 18oz of premium scented wax that can burn for a solid 80+ hours! This product comes with a sturdy glass lid, full color label, and your choice of 24 gorgeous scents. SO MANY OPTIONS!


These candles are made of soy, so they will burn cooler and longer. These delicious smelling candles are environmentally safe, biodegradable and are made right here in the U.S.A. What a better way to light up your clients logo!

AS LOW AS $11.50 (R)


These 3 oz. Small Jar Candles are perfect for your clients who love variety! These candles, at an economical price, come in 24 yummy scents and give you all the same amazing flavor as the 18 oz. candles! Our 3 oz. candles burn for around 20 hours and are made of 100% soy. These candles, like the 18oz, are made here in the United States and are environmentally safe and biodegradable.

The 3oz Small Jar Candles give you all the amazing qualities as the 18oz for an even more economical price. With a full color digital print label, these candles will give your clients logo the attention it deserves and smell great, while giving amazing brand exposure. As a candle, clients are much more likely to hold onto these for a longer period of time, extending the marketing of your clients logo. See your clients faces light up with excitement with these amazing candles here at IDProductsource.

AS LOW AS $4.15 (R)

We have a huge selection of candles here at IDProductsource, to see more check out our amazing spotlight video below or visit our candles page here…

Here at IDProductsource we want to help you, the distributor, find new and exciting ways to market to your clientele. We want to make everything as streamlined as possible just for you, so here are a couple of marketing flyers for these amazing candle products! Select the marketing flyer you would like and then click to be taken to our marketing flyers page where you can find these flyers and more! You can also visit us today at


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