Promotional Products for Hotels/Spas

Promotional Products for Hotels/Spas


Hotels have become not only a nice and cozy place to spend the night when you're on the road, but they have become a popular luxury resort, and a way to treat yourself. In business travel news the industry has hit 4.5 million rooms in February 2008, at a growth rate of 5,600 rooms per month! (1)


With hotels growing more and more popular everyday, there are many uses for promotional products within them. For your hotel and spa clients here are a few products that would be perfect for them!


A famous symbol of hotel life, door hangers are a handy communicating tool in hotels. Our door hangers come with double sided, full color imprints, perfect for a turn down service / do not disturb sign. Plus, for companies that like to advertise at hotels, check out our door hangers with perforations. perfect for tearaway coupons.

Printed on PVC plastic in beautiful full color, these cards have limitless possibilities! Our Plastic Encoded Cards are perfect for hotel room keys, while our Standard Plastic Cards are perfect for a towel service, or alcohol card. These inexpensive plastic cards are a great selling tool and sure to impress.



Everyone knows that hotels have the fun sized little bottles of shampoos and lotions that we like to snatch up. #FunFact the hotels actually want you to take those bottles with you when you leave. Otherwise they will have to throw them away with every room turn down service. With a full color label, soothing essential oils and available in 3 heavenly scents the guests will be sure to appreciate all these fantastic options.

Custom Notepads

Notepads are a popular hotel promotional item. They are an excellent promotional item for all hotels and spas to have right next to their phone on the bedside table. This product can be customized with your clients logo for that extra promotional boost.


For more ways to advertise to your clients check out our Marketing Flyers page by clicking the image above. Here is an excellent example of these flyers below.


There are plenty of items here at IDProductsource that are perfect for all of your clients hotel and spa needs. Check us out here at for more amazing products!



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