Vapor Bumpers for Days

Vapor Bumpers for Days


Are you looking for a trendy product that will promote your business in style? Then check out these amazing #VaporBumpers! These silicone rings are perfect for client's of all kinds!

In fact, the vaping industry has become very specialized. There are vaping shops and lounges, which represent about one-third of the industry, that have been established in all corners of the United States, and today there are more than 3,500 of such shops across the nation. (1)

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Protect your investment with these Vapor Bumpers. If your device falls over, the bumper will absorb the shock and protect from dings, scratches and of course, shattering.

The Vapor tanks hold the oil
(or e-liquid) for most vaping devices, which more often than not, are made out of glass!  I don't know about you all, but I can be kind of a klutz sometimes and accidents happen.

Your clients will love this product that will not only protect their Vape, but will promote their business!


1. Protect your glass tank!
Slide these silicone rings around your glass tank to protect and serve. Vaping Mods can be pretty expensive, so help your clients take that extra step to protect and show off their brand in this trendy way! Just like our silicone bands, you can choose between silk screen or debossed with color fill imprint.

2. Protect your e-liquid bottle!
So many of these vaping oils come in glass bottles, which don't have the greatest survival rate if dropped. Slide on one of our Vapor Bumpers to protect from any accidents!

3. Give your device an aesthetic look!
The design possibilities are endless! Some devices are pretty simple and don't have much character. Give your vaping device some individuality; With bright colors your clients can make their customers devices pop, and promote their business


So, don't miss out on this protective and trendy product! These vapor bumpers come with Free Setup, Digital Proof, PMS Color Matching, Debossed no Color Fill and Individual Poly bags!

AS LOW AS $0.15 (R)  

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