Distributor Tools

Distributor Tools

IDProductsource is always trying to make your job easier, and with that in mind we have created a Distributor friendly hub for our loyal customers. This one-stop shop is an evolving tool center to equip even our newest distributors with all the tools they need to sell products more effectively.


Let's take a look at all of our distributor tools!

You can learn more about our products with free, printable and easy to understand product info sheets. All you have to do is download the info sheet and it is yours to use!

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Requesting a quote is a quick and direct line to our sales team to receive product pricing and information, using an effortless submission form. Easy peasy!

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Our marketing flyers are a fun and creative way for you to view or use for your next sales meeting. Available in JPEG, PDF or client friendly versions. These are perfect to help you make the sale.


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Our selling kits are a convenient, portable and an informative representation of our top products. Now you and your clients can see and feel the difference for themselves. Order on or more of them today! They're FREE!

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Keep up to date on our latest specials and promotions. With all of our specials in one spot you will never miss a chance to save.

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Help your clients stay on track and up-to-date with special events, awareness and Holidays using this handy calendar.





Our 2017 IDProductsource catalog is a paperless and up to date product catalog, designed to be easy, informative and available to you and for download any time you need it.

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Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Catalog as well! This handy catalog has all kinds of different products to to sell during the Holiday season and is easy to use and download when you're on the go.

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                              Online P.O.             Download Blank P.O.              Upload P.O.
IDProductsource makes it easier then ever to submit a P.O. Now everyone has an option to choose from dealing with Purchase Orders, Online P.O., Download Blank P.O. and Upload P.O. These tools make working with your purchase orders super simple and convenient.

Want a closer look at our Distributor Tools? Then press play on the video below or visit our website at www.idproductsource.com/tools
to get started today!

Current Specials

Current Specials

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Vapor Bumpers for Days