California Proposition-65 Warnings and YOU!

California Proposition-65 Warnings and YOU!


As of August 30th Prop-65 has officially gone into effect. That being said, you might have some questions about this newly passed law. What does this mean for you, the distributor? How do you know if you are compliant? How do you know that you're protected? 

Well, we are here to help you understand exactly what this means for you!


First of all, what is Prop 65? Proposition-65 is a shorthand term for The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Part of Prop-65 relates to a ban in discharging chemicals into drinking water sources, but the part that concerns you is the part on warning requirements. Prop-65 requires businesses selling products in California to give consumers a "clear and reasonable warning" that chemicals in their products contain substances known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. What it boils down to is businesses are required to warn California consumers that the materials that make up their products contain substances or chemicals on California's Proposition-65 chemical list. 

How do you know if you're compliant?


The best way to know if you are selling from a compliant company is if you have signed an acknowledgment form. It is required by Prop-65 for the buyer to be made aware of the warnings before the sale goes through. This means that when you are purchasing from a company such as IDProductsouce® you will be required to sign and acknowledge that you have been made aware of these warnings before you begin production and finish the sale. 

IDProductsource® is proud to say that we are compliant and are ready to serve you, the distributor, for your Promotional Product needs in accordance with the law. We want to make sure that we are both protected during this change and implore you to shop with companies that are compliant.

What does this mean for you, the distributor?


With companies that are compliant, your orders could be affected by this law. The production of your order could be held up if the supplier you're working with doesn't have the proper acknowledgement from your company on file. For IDProductsource® we will not proceed with production until you have signed the acknowlegement. Then and only then will your order be processed. This is to not only protect us but to protect you as well! 


For more questions regarding Prop-65, please visit our website! If you have questions about how this could affect your order, please contact our customer service team!

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